"it is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it"-Aristotle

Question:What does this quote mean?

It means a educated person can entertain or consider a thought that might be alien to their normal way of thinking, without actually accepting the thought as fact or embracing the idea.
it means you can have empathy towards something without having to belive it is the right and only way
It means that he considers education to be the ability to at least listen to those you disagree with and hear them out.
It means that you can take in information and study it objectively, without automatically assuming it's true. You have enough mental resources (if you're educated) to be able to evaluate things from an outsider's perspective to decide if it's what you want to believe or even if it's right
It's not your cup of tea but you can see how someone else might accept it. You can empathise with an idea, not necessarily take it on board.
It means that an educated/intelligent person will hear out other people's ideas, perspectives, theories, ideas, etc., and not be tempted to be persuaded by it completely. A better way of putting this would be that an intelligent person is able to analyze a thought without feeling the need to adopt it to suit his/her own perspectives. This breeds tolerance, intelligent communication and open-mindedness; an excellent quote.
You will find on Yahoo (and elsewhere, but demonstrably on Yahoo) people who cannot handle hypothetical questions, "if... then..." constructions.
And people who cannot deal with a viewpoint other than their own without "it's wrong" being effectively their first thought and comment.

Aristotle would consider such individuals to be uneducated.

He considers that the ability to hold an argument or a proposition separate from belief while contemplating it is a sign of such advanced thinking that it probably had to be taught.

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