He who has a why to live can bear with almost anyhow.?

Question:do you agree with this quote? why?

The quotation is:

He who has a reason to live can bear with almost anything.

Yes. The reason the person has for living will allow him to bear any hardship.
Is that a poetically ungrammatical citation in English, or a shoddy translation from another language?

Anyway, if I understand that correctly to mean, if you have a reason to live, or something to live for, you can deal with just about anything, then yes, if you are of strong character.
no i do not particularly agree with this quote.why? becuz, what if someone took away your "reason to live"? what if your gf was your reason to live and she got hit by a car and died. there goes your reason to live, right? what if $$$ was your reason to live and all your $$$ got ripped off in a scam? what then? we all have a reason to live, more or less, but is it of this world?mine is not.

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