Your thoughts about the future of nursing?

Question:Some thoughts about the future of nursing? Also some quotes that are inspirational to this profession??

The future of nursing will be unbelieveable esp considering the next 10-20 years we are going to face massive shortages. I beleive that 3 things will result form this:

1) Larger role for nurses

2) More respect for this great profession

3) Increase in pay
I think there will always be a huge demand for nurses. Especially, as our population grows and as people are living longer lives. It only stands to reason.

If you are thinking of going into nsg.then I say go for it...big time!

sorry, can't think of any quotes for ya.
dunno..since I was a child I really like to be a nurse...I like to help people...anyway I think my quote other's life...and gold is mine..bwahahahaha.anyway hmm..other's life worth more than mine?

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