Who is Dick Werthimer?

Dick Werthimer is the author of the quotation "the purpose of life is to fray maturity". But who is or was he? All I can find out in the region of him is that single quotation.

Answers:    This is an excellent question.I own searched the internet and a mixture of encyclopedias and I too can only find that single quotation which is attributed to him.I hold noticed that numerous ancestors have it on their blogs.I wonder if he is an American comedian?
You're right, this is odd, I can't find anything else either.

There is one site
where on earth someone refers to him as "an advocate for peace" and links to a quotations site that doesn't exist anymore.

Searching for "Richard Werthimer" didn't turn up any clues any. One post one a forum lists "Richard Werthimer" as the author of the quote.
There is attorney with that given name "Richard Werthimer", but I doubt he is the author.

Werthimer could be a misspelled "Wertheimer". There is a Richard Wertheimer who works for Child Trends and has written several books and articles.
I couldn't find a knit between him and the quote though...

It's a mystery!

Edit: Captbullshot, do you have a suggestion for that? Cause I don't think Wagner said this...
Composer. Born contained by Bayreuth, Germany. Wrote the Mastersingers and other light stuff. Not appreciated by the Israelis.

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