What does the phrase "the emperor has no clothes" mean?

Question:I've heard this a few times before, but I don't know what it means.


it refers to the story "The emperor's new clothes" where an emperor was duped into buying "clothes" that only smart people could see. Being too proud to admit he might not be smart, he claims he can see the "clothes" and buys them. There was of course no clothes. He goes on a parade where everyone sees him marching naked.
You took the phrase out of context. I suggest that you read the whole story of "The Emperor's New Clothes." After reading, you may understand. It's only a short, 10 - 15 minute read, if that.
It means that even the most powerful person in the world is still human and can be hurt or exposed emotionally like everyone else.
It's derived from the story "The Emperor's New Clothes". To sum it up, the story basically talks about a selfish emperor who wanted new clothes, so the tailors pretended to make a wonderful robe out of the finest cloth, but really, there was nothing at all. The emperor, not wanting to look stupid, pretended to see it and paraded about in his "robe", basically.....naked.
It comes from this story: http://www.mindfully.org/reform/emperors...

It means that the person (or idea) being talked about is wrong or false, but that no one is willing to point that obvious fact out, for fear of being thought foolish or being put in danger.
he who thinks himself great always be a reason of laughter
it means that the empror has no power, and some arrgued that it means, that the empror is with no protection when he is mean -unfair-, it comes from old japanese history
A 30 percent public approval rating for Mr. Bush.
You can see right through them. Transparent.
Similar to expression a wolf in sheeps clothing.

All the finery and still an "***" idiot beneath the external facade . External facade being the expensive garb.
Having no class or morals. Behaving like a thug while saying your a good person.

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