What does this quote mean?

Question:The tragic consequences of life can be overcome by the magical strength that resides in the human heart

You can get through the hardships of life by the strength you hold inside you, meaning courage and determination, love. If you ask me the quote is pretty self explanatory.
it means keep on going- the determination of a human can conquer all
seems self-explanatory to me…
when faced with adversity, most people somehow find the will to persevere despite the heartache they feel
It means with a strong heart, you can over come anything

or it could be interpreted as anything can be over come by the human heart...pretty much the same thing!!
If you do something bad, the people who really love you will forgive you.
That in your deepest, darkest hours, it is your inner strength that will pull you through.
Love conquers all.
It means the human heart can overcome anything in life. and that the strength found within someone can seem magical at times.
This sentence sums up the major thematic claim of Bless Me, Ultima—through all of life’s injustices and hardships, the power of the human heart prevails. Antonio has this realization in Chapter 22, when he realizes what Ultima has been trying to teach him all along. Antonio can experience the suffering of his friends and family and the string of tragic deaths that he witnesses, and still persevere and thrive. This quotation also resolves the tension between innocence and experience that arises from the moment that María first claims that it is a sin to grow up. Innocence is fleeting, but the “magical strength” of the heart is not. This “magical strength,” and not innocence, is the ultimate source of human goodness and hope.
We do not get tests that we cannot pass. We all have the strength to endure things that life presents to us.
It means the stronger you are, the easier it will be to overcome a tragedy.
Humans are resilient and can make it through almost anything. What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger.
you can overcome the consequences (from what you did) by the magical strength from your heart. ( believe in yourself, meditation will overcome sadness)
It means that you can overcome anything. No matter how rough things get, you are strong enough to prevail over hurt.
HearKat is right. Anyway, if you don't understand the meaning of this quote, then the situation is tragic. I hope that you'll find enough magical strength in your heart to overcome this tragedy of yours...
Simply said "When something bad happens, you have the ability to get over it"
One might take it to mean this:

The heart can overcome all. Probably in the sense that love is the most powerful weapon in any of the world's great arsenals. If everyone loved each other there would be no consequences as the result of conflicts.
it is all in how one views it. as to how it effects them.
What a beautiful message!
I beleive it means that even though you'll come across many rough spots in your life, the strengh of your heart (wich could mean soul, spirit, mind, wisdom..etc.) will pull you through.

Good Luck!!!!!!
it means that if you beleive in yourself then you can do anyting that life throws at you
it means that human will, heart, and determination can conquere all.

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