When Shirlee & Laverne said Shameel/Shlamazel what did they mean? Are they a bunch of yiddish lezbians?

Only a schlemiel would ask that.
  • Who said this?
  • Ever heard of the expression "chillax"?
  • There is a proverb in Hindi/ Punjabi which means: Wear as liked by others, eat as liked by self. Tell the same
  • What is the origin of the quote "Should one man go hungry, and I be fed?" (maybe not be exact quote)
  • Anyone can give me good quotations by your country's famous people?
  • In the poem by emma lazourous what does The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame mean?
  • What is meant by exploitation?
  • What does girls come a dime dozen mean ?
  • who first wrote about the "shot heard around the world?"?

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