What does the saying "when life gives you lemons make lemonade" mean?

To use a similar metaphor, I means play with the hand you're dealt. Do what you can with what you have. You could just as easily say, when life gives you apples, make apple pie, or if life gives you tomatoes, make spaghetti sauce. If your life's blessing is a surfeit of lemons, then do something positive with them.
It means to look at the bright side of situations...be optomistic
it means turn a negative into a positive
It means to make the best out of what you have or are given.
It means that you should try and find a way to get good things out of bad situations.
Make the best out of the situatin that you are in. When things don't go how you want them to, dont just mope in your dissapointment, find a way to see the good in it and turn it into a positive. Some things in life are all in how you look at it.
ummm i think it means just go wit the flow and do what u feel u should wit that certant situation.
Take a bad situation and make something good out of it.

This is how many great inventions and business where started, they where thrown a curve ball and rather than let it defeat them they came up with a way to make a profit.
Make the best of bad situations.

I like this version:

"When life hands you lemons
ask for tequila and salt."
it means make the best of what youve got
It means make the most out of what you have. If you have lemons, make lemonade. Taking something that you might not necessarily have wanted and making something you enjoy. Turn the negative positive. Looking on the bright side. Be optimistic. However you spin it it's all the same.
Do the best you can with what you have
If you're in a crappy situation or life hasn't been very kind to you, make the best of it. Turn it into something good and enjoyable.
Living in the Capitalist Society we do...I don't believe making Lemonade makes good sense. Who likes Lemonade anyway? I've seen people whiz by these Poor Misguided Entrepreneurs...without a single thought to the days of yore when a Lemonade Stand meant something!!

I say if life gives you Lemons...sell them on EBay.

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