Can you explain what H.G. Wells mean by this quote?

Question:Human history becomes more and more a race between education and catastrophe. H. G. Wells

If Wells said that, he may have been talking about how our capability to destroy ourselves may be outpacing our ability to understand and deal with it. Perhaps it means that as time progress, more and more people are not getting the education they need so then now it becomes a race between education and chaos. We learn more from ourselves and what to do through the more disasters we go trough. It means that our history is made up mostly of the things we have learned as a race, and every war and natural and man-made disaster that we have experienced. I guess with the modern world we live in, new scientific discoveries which has dual in effect, meaning for the good of mankind, yet when abused could lead to disaster, humans are making disaster in a soon to be history... so the more educated people be, the more inventions and discoveries there will be, the more disaster is in the offing. this is my perception,
humans ..they evolve & educate themselves, they evolve & develop education & intelectuals to the extent of questioning all others/reasoning everything including altruism. So they start wars with technology (which is a form of education) (look todays world).. wars lead to catastrophes. then the remaining humans/ successors realise war is not that good ..that realisation is another step in education...they start building on education again. contunues. I can offer another quote to complement the one by H.G. Wells:

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. Although we learn through history how to prevent a catastrophe, we are still heading for it. I'm not entirely convinced that education alone can avert catastrophe, but I'll take a shot at the interpretation.

Humanity, in its natural state, is its own worst enemy. It understands the concept of morality and ethics but has a general difficulty the practice. Education is the key to rise (or have be lifted) above itself. Education is the best answer to catastrophes. If the people of the world, don’t get better, and higher education, we, the world, will have more differences, and bigger problems. We hope to study and learn from the past before we repeat the mistakes of the past. Learning from past mistakes before they are repeated.

...Many times humans fail miserably at their 'education'

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