What does this quote mean?."Maybe all one can do is hope to end up with the right regrets-((Arthur Miller))."

Question:Its a quote from Arthur Miller..and it sound very clever but im not too sure what it might mean..

I regreted missing out on a girl that wanted to date me. A week later I met my wife and we have a 3 year old daughter...I'm very happy.I guess that is what it means, regreting things that end up being for the best.
Read the Crucible and Death of a Salesman, especially the latter. That'll give you a good idea I think.
It means: That life will be full of regrets - either actions taken or not taken, things said or left unsaid. But the one hope is that these regrets are for the best. That while we may regret an action, that by taking that action the result was more positive than if we had not taken the action.

Hope this makes sense.
if you regret anything, or buy into the "regret" game, he's hoping that there are right ones. not very clever.

BS, if you ask me.
It means that we will always have regrets in life (no one can really say they have no regrets). However we can see our regrets in a positive light, perhaps by thinking that all things happened for the best and that they all happened for a reason. I think the "right regrets" are those that, when you think about them, have turned you into a better, stronger or wiser person. ;)
We will all make mistakes. No one is perfect. But at least we can hope to learn from our mistakes (the right regrets) and move forward instead of beating ourselves up for them (the wrong regrets).and getting mired down in the past.

That's one interpretation. Another one might be: Dare to try big things. You may fail, but at least you set your sights high. If you are always conservative and timid, you will have wasted many opportunities.
Like being toooooo rich or tooooooo beautiful? It's reflective of the fact that the happiest people die with no regrets, and less happy ones have some or many regrets. He's saying that we probably can't get through life without any regrets, at least maybe they can be the best they could be. For example, they say that people on their death bed never regret TRYING things, even if they failed, they DO however regret inaction.
My guess: Right regrets are for things we've done and regretted. Wrong regrets are for things we passed up. Regrets for things you at least tried, rather than for what you didn't do. But I don't know if that's what Miller meant.

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