Where does expression "red carpet" come from?

Question:Stars walk the "red carpet" at premiers. Where does this idea of the "red carpet" come from?

A red carpet is a strip of carpet in the colour red, which is laid out to welcome VIPs such as dignitaries and celebrities at formal events.

The words, "red carpet", may also be part of phrases such as "the red carpet treatment" and "rolling out the red carpet", which refer to any special efforts made in the interests of hospitality. The 20th Century Limited passenger train may be the origin of this phrasing, as the New York Central Railroad used plush crimson carpets to direct people as they boarded
ummm the carpet they walk on is RED .
haha havent you seen the carpet? its red
In the age of Kings and Queens it was beneath royalty to walk upon the soiled....umm....soil. So they had a large roll of red carpet that they'd walk on. Hence the phrase "Roll out the red carpet."
Royalty in Europe in the Renaissance period, during formal occasions, walked on a runner of red velvet or similar fabric. Red was considered a regal color, which is why it was chosen.

The concept of the red floor covering for “royalty” to walk on has continued, and now stars walk the red carpet at all of these events.
The tradition of RED CARPETS started a great many years ago in Europe.

"Sometimes carpets provided the actual architecture; for example, when they were used in the construction of portable tent compounds for military campaigns or royal visits. The layout of the Mughal palace was re-created in these tent compounds. Rows of qanats, free-standing textile screens, replaced red sandstone walls, and flower-covered carpets reproduced the gardens of the inner courtyards. The red color served to identify the emperor's tent, and luxurious textiles not only provided the comforts of home but also symbolically reminded envoys and visitors of the power and the wealth of their rulers."

"Jahangir, Mughal emperor from 1605 to 1627, once paid a visit to his brother-in-law on New Year's Day. To celebrate the event, his brother-in-law carpeted the road between his house and the palace with gold brocades and rich velvets, so that the royal entourage would not have to touch the ground.

Today we say "Roll out the red carpet" or "the red-carpet treatment" to indicate the conferring of honor and prestige."
i dink from English language
red carpet come from the light of the stars,stars comes from the heat of the sun,and sun given by our almighty creator our god....

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