what does "head in the clouds" mean?

Means your clueless.
in a daze...daydreaming... it means . you are day dreaming or you can just be spacing out.etc... I think it means your daydreaming and your not paying attention. That your not paying attention. Umm, That your not thinking alertly. daydreaming or being in a complete different world! If someone said that about your dreams or something it means that you're aiming too high. Do not listen to them. Go with what you feel is right. I hope this is of some help. HEADS IS THE CLOUDS MEANS LACK OF AWARENESS OF WHAT IS GOING ON AROUND THE PERSON.IT IS AN ESCAPE TACTIC, USED BY PEOPLE THAT LIKE TO REMAIN UNAWARE TO DISREGARD BEING HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR ANYTHING OR BY ANYONE. richman used to do that. never care what is down below his/her knee. To have one's head in the clouds is an Idiom, it means to be inattentive to what is said, to have impractical or unrealistic thoughts, ideas, etc.

Also, an Idiom is an expression with a meaning which cannot be guessed at or derived from the meanings of the individual words which form it. Here is an example: The idiom 'to have a chip on one's shoulder' is of US origin. fantasy... not grounded...
but on the other hand it means you think big, and can be creative Means Daydreaming or somebody who goes through life always dreaming of other things. The mean is either that you are a day dreamer or you are totally distracted at the point that you can't focus in the day life skills, such a study, work or to put enoufh attention to others because you level of concentration is far away. The origin of this expression comes from "the Clouds", by Aristophanes. Aristophanes was a Greek satirist who wrote about 400 BC. This play attacked Socrates directly and philosophers in general. It has come to indicate a person whose thinking is dedicated to the irrelevant and impractical. HEAD IN THE CLOUDS -- "Abstracted; absent-minded. It used to be 'head in the air,' but that apparently didn't convey the notion adequately and the head had to be extended all the way to the clouds. 'Trawl' gave a sharp example of the characterization in 1903: 'The Laureate crost over the lawn with the dreamy head-in-air gait that was known through five parishes round.'" It means the person evaluating you is saying you are not in touch with reality, and implying that you should be. Forget it; enjoy your clouds while you can! You decide when you re-enter the muggle world. Stoned

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