Help on interpreting: "A rolling stone gathers no moss, but it obtains a certain polish."?

Question:I got this in a fortune cookie, and thought it sounded really good, but then i realized I didn't fully understand it...

It means that if you keep moving, no matter what happens, you will gain much experience and your life will undoubtedly turn out for the better. In opposition to that, if it were a sitting stone, it would gather much moss. That means if you don't try to work things out all you will get in return are more troubles.
It doesn't acquire anything bad but changes for the better.
A rolling stone gathers no moss--i.e., it is moving all the time, so nothing has time to "grow" on it. For people, that means no family, few friends, etc. for someone who's constantly moving, changing jobs, etc.

At the same time, one who travels the world eventually becomes wise in the ways of the world--i.e., they gain a certain "polish" as a result of the constant moving around and being exposed to new things.
Sounds like it makes no connections but gains some character or experience
It means that nothing will tie it down, or it will not gain any baggage, but it only becomes smoother and prettier with time.

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