What educational interventions are most appropriate for students with severe/profound mental retardation?

I teach students with SPMH at the high school level....I have a special class in a regular school. They almost always require a special class at least part time, but can definitely spend time in the general population. The special class is often necessary for students with physcial impairments (to use special PT equipment) or special needs regarding feeding or toileting (assistance or equipment) or extreme behavioral or health issues. However, given assistance, they can participate in classes like art or music with their peers.....go to pep rallies, go to the cafeteria, media center, work at basic jobs around campus). They usually require adaptive P.E. They require repetition and small group instruction and usually alternative communication supports. Community based instruction is important to help them masters skills in a natural setting since students with cognitive disabilities have trouble with generalization.
Severe/profound developmentally challenged students can attend public school. According to the law, every child/student has the right to an education. Special Education in public schools can be rewarding for even the profoundly developmentally challenged. The teachers normally do an IEP(Individualized Evaluation Plan) on each student offering them the best possible education, that they can. Most developmentally challenged with Down's Syndrome can do quite well at times. Those with Fragile X, however, have problems generally in schools.

I think the most important interventions for students that are developmentally challenged are good teachers trained in behavior problems as well as patience.
Students with all types of disabilties can attend public school...but..you must be very involved and informed.
Some public schools have very poor special education departments and the children exit high shool after years of basically being baby sat.
Talk to other parents in your area and find out what is available for you child.
You want to most qualified teachers, and progressive program you can find.
I believe all children can succeed in school given the proper supports and accommodations. In addition, many of these interventions benefit ALL children in the class b/c they address diverse learners-methods like cooperative learning, thematic teaching, multiple intelligences, etc.
There are some books you might look at:
Teaching Literacy to Students With Significant Disabilities: Strategies for the K-12 Inclusive Classroom by June E. Downing

Including Students With Severe and Multiple Disabilities in Typical Classrooms: Practical Strategies for Teachers by June Downing, Joanne Eichinger, and Maryann Demchak

The Syracuse Community-Referenced Curriculum Guide for Students with Moderate and Severe Disabilities by Alison Ford

This website:

And this planning tool:
Choosing Outcomes and Accommodations for Children (COACH)
A Guide to Educational Planning for Students with Disabilities, Second Edition
By Michael F. Giangreco, Ph.D., Chigee J. Cloninger, Ph.D., and Virginia Salce Iverson, M.Ed.
u will have to ask a school but normally they are just speds to and if they are really bad then in a speacle one or they can be homeschooled.
Educational Interventions that work well with students with m/r is applied behavior analysis. Students with M/R really thrive with predictablitliy and repetition. Students with M/R will take longer periods to learn material. Life skills and leisure skills are really helpful for people living with Mental retardation. In the past I have incorporated picture schedules for students and used them throughout the students home so he could function during home time as well. Your goal is to keep the child stimulated and to teack skills.

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