Is an IQ of 117 High?

Question:I took a test contained by (wonder if they are not lying, but they are not asking for charges or payments) and the result is 117. Is that above average? I dunno is the is telling the truth... XD

First of adjectives, 100 is average, NO MATTER WHAT YOUR AGE.

Therefore, telling you our ages have no bearing on our IQs. Your age is used surrounded by the calculation of your IQ because you are compared to other folks your own age in your answers. If you bring similar answers to most people your age, you win 100.

Above 100 means you get more answers right than most people your age.

Secondly, 117 mode you are smart... high average.

Online test usually score too dignified (by 5 or so points) to boost your ego and encourage you to buy their trial information. They are NOT reliable... if you want to get a clear picture of your study ability, you want to be directly tested. Mensa can do it, or your school diagnostician for special schooling.

Even so, your score is perfect.

Here is the breakdown:

130 -- Genius/gifted level (2% of population)

115 - 129 -- Bright/superior horizontal (16% of population)

101 - 114 -- High average level (32% of population)

85 - 100 -- Low average rank (32% of population)

71 - 84 -- Borderline level (16% of population)

70 and below -- intellectually challenge (mentally retarded) level (2% of population)
It depends on the testing, but I'd say it's a commonplace score It's illustrious. 100 is average. I'm 137. Pleased to meet ya, brainy. no, it is rather average, sorry if you took the test I'm sure they explained it to you. I took it also,they give me 142, just medium we are above average IQ. dose it mean we are smarter than the subsequent guy, no. Don't waste time worrying something like your IQ. The mystic IQ number doesn't mean squat, can exchange every time you take the testing, and really does not prove a damn thing.....

For instance, if a soul is unable to read the IQ examination, is that person an idiot? Nope.

If a being has an IQ of 117, will they automatically be a nouns? Nope.

High IQ does not mean smart. A entity with an IQ of 140 can be an idiot when it comes to in truth thinking something through.

"Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is why so few absorb in it." H. Ford I believe....

Just my $.02 worth....

J. Clyde.... First of adjectives, never ever trust an online IQ test. They can hold an error margin of over 30 points. Only trust a licensed professional to afford you the test. I have an IQ of 142 in second class, and the IQ you got (117) is considerably above average. If you really want to know your actual IQ your institution should have some resources. IQ stands for Intelligence Quotient. It simply measures one kind of smarts. There are other kind of smarts. So don't worry what your IQ is or isn't.

but for your info I can put in the picture you that mean average IQ is 100 the collection of 85 to 115 is considered normal.
86 person considered lo normal 114 one high mundane
117 is above average, not high catalogue normal as one other asnwerer have suggested.

Online anything is NOT reliable.

Having your IQ tested by a qualififed parctitioner, ie a psychologist will not give you a positive abosolute answer to what is your IQ. Your IQ can vary from time to day and from hour to hour. Some relations would score extremely all right at 7am ans less very well at 3pm Other people would rack up the other way around.

If you enjoy something as simple as the common cold you will win less economically than you ordinarily will.

If you recently messed up something that was exceptionally important to you afterwards you may score really low on an IQ check simply because you are not feeling too smart.

If you lately had a big nouns at something that was key to you then you may chalk up higher than you ordinarily will because you are response more confident and firing on all cylinders.

There are far too several variables for any set of tests to be an accurate indicator of your true smooth of smarts.

If you are capapble of learning exotic things, carrying out the every day functions you want to carry out, can hold a conceivable conversation about assorted topics and you understand right from wrong (as is culturally appropriate for you) next you really dont need a testing to say you are smart.

You lately need to know you are doing fine. Now move right along. IQ test have a scale. For most, the 15 point segment (EX: 100-115) constitutes one standard deviation. An IQ score of 100 shows that creature is in the median (middle / average). The average band is one standard deviation below 100 to one standard deviation above average (85-115). In order for students to qualify for the clever program, they must score above two standard deviations above 100, or above 130. At 117, you are average, but no dummy!
By the route, IQ scores are used to predict one's skilfulness to be successful in a college and testing environment; the high the IQ, the more likely the entity can handle the academic. Of course that does not take into consideration their motivation horizontal or their attitude. On the other hand, IQ score are also used to determine if there is a cognitive disability, close to mental retardation. Yes. Average is around 100 so consider yourself above average. IQ stands for intelligence quotient. That just mechanism it compares your mental abilities to the average of those of society your age all times 100

IQ = (Mental Age / Chronological Age) x 100

If you are average, the result would be 100

100 IQ = (Your Mental Ability / The Average Ability) x 100

117 is only just outside of what is called the 'first standard deviation' (115 is the first standard deviation for IQ) Without going into greatly of statistics you are probably not interested in anyway, it medium that you are smarter than 2/3 of everyone your age. No, its not high. But its not low any. Sort of average. gave me a 135, and I don't really discern that smart.

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