Adult Onset Dyslexia?

Question:Anyone heard of it?

I've never hear of it, but at 33, I all of a sudden transpose numbers and packages when I have never done that contained by the past. Weird. Hmmmm -
Dyslexia doesn't crop up (begin) in middle age - (like diabetes can)
It just may be 'recognized' and defined - FINALLY . . .
And what a blessing it is, for the one who is diagnosed, to know that those who call them stupid and lazy contained by their childhoods - (due to this challenging reality) be dead WRONG. . .
Thanx for asking this - and allowing some an opportunity to share, and others to cram . . . no but they just might not own known they have it until they were elder

everyone in my family circle has some form of dyslexia my sis and dad are severe and i can't spell that resourcefully even though used to read a lot i hold some of the other things too Dyslexia is an inborn condition, not something that "comes on" later.

However, some nation are not diagnosed until they are adults (either they have a terribly mild form, OR their school system ruined to identify and serve them correctly -- which is a lawsuit!).

Dyslexia is NOT just "mixing the junk mail." It has to do near how the brain "sees" and translates symbols (like letters and words) into planning.

If the person is have trouble with post, then the packages get "mixed up."

If the human being is having trouble next to words, they may read them wrong or out of order, or not deduce the words even after reading them.... unless they hear them too.

Dyslexics do NOT have trouble compassion what they hear, so having workbook read to them is a perfect accomodation. Most colleges can provide reader.

Some dyslexics also have delusion problems, in which the eye muscles don't "track" smoothly, making things dive around. However, these vision problems are NOT dyslexia. They require analysis from an OT or a trained opthamologist.


I am a special education professor.

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