compare and contrast Brutus and Mark Antony's funeral orations?


Brutus's purpose was to control the crowd as was Anthony's. Brutus began his speach with a hostile crowd against him as a murderer of the popular Julius Caesar. When Anthony spoke the crowd had already been swayed by Brutus' words to a point of view opposite Anthony's and were now openly hostile to him. Both men spoke eloquently and effectively and their moment before the crowd was the key moment in their political lives.


Brutus spoke first, Anthony had the last word. Brutus spoke directly in abstract terms about an unproven and unprovable shortcoming in Caesar's character and the threat it posed to the future of Rome. Anthony spoke ironically and sarcastically about the recent murder of the butchered man lain out before them: as concrete a subject matter imaginable.

Brutus, as one of the senate assassins, had a lot more to lose: his reputation and life. Anthony had a lot less personally at stake. Brutus concentrated on one theme and directly spoke it: "Caesar was ambitious" and somehow that ambition was bad for Rome. By stopping over-ambitious Caesar, the assassins carried out a great and noble service for Rome and the people at the funeral. Anthony facing a hostile crowd that now considered Caesar the great tyrant as propagandized by Brutus had to pick his words carefully and hide his true purpose. "I've come to bury Caesar not to praise him."

Ultimately both men swayed the crowd but Anthony's speech carried the day. When he was done, no one could 'unsway' them from their hate for the assassin's rekindled inside them by Anthony's speech. Brutus lost because he had only the crowd's imagination to work with. Anthony won because logic and pathos and ethos and the 'eloquence' of dead Caesar's wounds were all on his side.
Brutus was put into a roman coffin at rme while Mark Antony was put into a coffin at Alexandria by cleopatra Mark Anthony was hoping to stir up the mob to avenge the assassination of Julius Caesar; to avenge and punish the murderers of the beloved leader. Brutus was one of the assassins; in fact Julius Caesar did not expect it from him at all, and said "and, you too Brutus?" as he fell to the ground, dying.Mark Anthony in his funeral speech described Brutus,s rile in the murder, as the most unkindness cut of all.

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