Are the princeton review SAT prep test meant to be harder than the actual exam?

Question:I am taking the exam over in May, i took it before in december and got 1380. please help!!

Princeton Review questions are not as difficult as the real SAT questions; this also applies to other AP subjects. I suggest you to get Barron's (they usually have harder questions) or the Official SAT Study Guide (if you dont have it) since they are, after all, real questions. But Princeton Review is good enough to study for the SAT, better than nothing. Go to and read the user's reviews for each books. It really helps you decide which test prep book you want to buy. Good luck!
i think princeton is just about the right level if not a little bit harder. however, i think it's better to overprepare than under. i'd recommend barrons book because it fully prepares you for the test.

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