Does GCSE grade D class as a pass?

Question:I know a lot of employers ask for grade C's or above but I recall someone once saying that a grade D actually counted as a pass. Is it pass or fail? Can anyone help me?

any grade is a pass, but employers recognise a C and above as a pass.
A-F are passes. C and above are passes that matter.
Any grade G or above is a pass.
the only grade that is a fail is a U for ungraded
Yes, but not everywhere will accept it including uni's.
Only a U is a fail. However D is not a good pass so on CVs ect. I'd just put the number of grades you got then A-Es or Pass . For example - I gained 10 A-E grades or 10 Passes or something similar.

Of course if you ask you have to tell them it was a D.

I got 2 As and 2 Es at A Level so on my CV I just put the As and leave it at that.

Unis will only worry about a D if it is in Math, English or Science or in a required subject.

Don't worry too much. GCSEs are nothing, as long as you got other better grades.
GCSE grades C and above are generally considered to be equivalent to an 'O' level pass - i.e. the old exam system.
If a GSCE has a letter grade it is a pass
a 'college pass' is what you are referring to - the a-c thing, if you want to go on to college I think you need 5 a-c, at least you did when I was at school.
Employers view a C as the basic pass grade.
Technically you can't fail GCSE's unless you get a U (for ungraded) or something (getting an F in GCSE is still seen as pass but ain't worth the paper its printed on).

Grade D is the equivalent of an old CSE level which is what people did back in the olden days who didn't have the brains for O levels..GCSE A-C is supposed to be the equivalent of an O level thats why employers ask for A-C passes.
YESSS... a friend of mine got a D with more than the 60% in chem. (IGCSE).
All the grades - A* to G - are passes. Most people say that everying above C is a pass.

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