What is the average IQ level for an 8 year old?

Question:My son has 131 as his IQ level. Is that an average IQ level?

A score of 131 is generally accepted as a sign of very superior intelligence. The average IQ score is 100. Your son's score means that only about 2% of the population achieves a score of 131 or higher, which is a pretty exceptional group. Bear in mind, however, that IQ scores tend to change as a child gets older (scores generally decrease). Nevertheless, your child really has potential that you should try to develop. There are all kinds of resources you can use to achieve that - do some searching on the Internet and ask about any special programs they have at your child's school.

In conclusion, here are the general guidelines for interpreting IQ scores:

140+ Extraordinary intelligence
130-140 Very superior intelligence
120-130 Superior intelligence
110-120 High average intelligence
90-110 Average intelligence
Depends on the test; different tests use different scales. I would talk to the guidence office or gifted support staff that screen him and discuss if he is exceptional. Really, they should have done that, not just thrown a number at you.
The average IQ level for an 8-year-old will be 100. The equation for the IQ is (mental age)/(actual age). Thus, if the child is truly average, he/she will have an IQ of 100.

Because your son has an 131 score on an IQ test, he seems to be above average.
100 is the average IQ level for all ages. IQ is adjusted to age, so a five year old with 150 IQ would still be behind an average adult.

131 is considered in the lower range of "genius", although this generally measures spatial capabilities. It probably means your son is going to have an easier time with spatial problems, and perhaps take to certain fields better than most people, possibly math and science.

Don't let him get a bloated ego over this. I've known children who have, and it's a terrible thing. He can, and he will meet people smarter than him, and this is good for humility. What it really means at the end is that he's got a lot of potential, and if he works hard in school, he should end up quite successful in his preferred field.

So, it means your son is smart, he has good potential for learning, and he performs better than most kids his age at what the IQ test measures. Good going for him!

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