Detox kits for marijuana use???what stores to go too???

Question:hi,uhh i was wondering where you can find these detox kits and what kind or chemicals you need to detoxify your body of marijuana,GNC says they sell detox kits on their website called "BNG Enterprises HERBAL CLEAN® QCARBO32™ - Tropical"uhh "Covert Labs Strip NC™ - Fruit Punch" and others at and i put in the search box detox,do these detox drinks work for marijuana use,or are they just for detoxifying your body of other unwanted chemicals?if these ones are the right ones will they work for a drug test while being on probation?

How about QUIT SMOKING POT!!!!!!!!



Never Fail
With this kit we give you 2 of our strongest same day solutions that when used together always perform the job you expect. 1 - DUZ'z-IT and and your choice of 1 Crisis Caps or 1 45 minute Chewable Tablet. A 99.99% passing success rate is achieved by all users with Never Fail. Perfect for daily users, no matter what you use. 99.99% Success Rate!

The Chem-Out Dual Combo
Chem Out is for individuals who do Chemicals and don't have time to do a Total Body Cleanse. Detoxifing drinks are mostly made for THC use only, we give you two products when used correctly will take the chemicals out and help the heavy smokers too!! You get 1 - 32oz. DUZz-It and 1 - 15 Count Precleansing Tablets. 100% Undetectable! Instructions: Day before you go: Take the Tablets as suggested. Take 1-2 Multivitamins, drink lots of water, unsweeten tea. Day you go: Take the DUZz-it as suggested on side panel. Helful Hints: Drink lots of water take 2-3 multivitamins a day. Make sure your urine is yellow, if not take a multivitamin. When you go to your place of choice be sure to urinate midstream, first into the toilet bowl, then the cup. 100% Money Back Guarantee!

The Annihilator Kit
Perfect for 4-5x per week users. Combining 2 of our same day solutions (1 chewable and 1 Crisis Cap) geared towards removing the specific levels of toxins in a heavy users system. Removes all toxins and is 100% undetectable.99.99% Success Rate!

Herb-based Detox Kits have become a common product in health food stores, and most are produced by well-known and thoroughly reputable companies.

The difficulty, from our perspective, is that most of them use "cathartic" herbs, i.e. laxatives, that can cause a person to be running frequently to the bathroom, therefore making them inappropriate for persons who work outside their home, unless you plan to spend your vacation at home -- taking cathartic herbs .

The herbal combinations used can also cause other symptoms you may not recognize as directly related to taking the herbs, and consequently you may not know how to handle them. For example, when I tried one popular kit, I became so incredibly blue, moody and weepy, that I really wasn't myself. Frankly, I was ready to throw myself in front of a bus! I recognize now that I was processing out an excess of stored hormones, precipitating something like the worst incidence of PMS I ever had. But while I was taking the herbs, the "emotions" (actually hormonal reactions) felt completely real. Because of this and other reactions that other people we know have experienced, we regard the effects of the kits as rather hard to control. Much depends on the levels and types of toxins you have stored, and your individual reactions to specific herbs. (Maybe I was taking too many of the capsules. But the point is still that I was not able to anticipate the reactions I had to the herbs in the kit.)

A person unaccustomed to herbal reactions won't know in advance what the effects of the individual herbs are likely to be. Our concern is that if a detox reaction experienced by a person who is new to detox is severe on any level, it can create a bad association in the user's mind with the whole process of detoxification. A person may think that all detoxification processes are going to produce the same kind of reaction, which isn't true. Our website is dedicated to providing enough insight into detoxification processes so that you can design a program that better anticipates the reactions that could occur. Basically, you can then choose detox steps based on how you feel you can handle the potential difficult reactions.
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