Abnormally low Middle Level ISEE score?

My daughter K has other excelled on standardized tests but she purely recently took the Middle Level ISEE exam and did badly. We had a tutor, she took a class, and but she did worse on this exam than she EVER has on any other standardized exam. And surrounded by some of her best subjects she scored lowest!She say she wasn't nervous, nor be their anything unusual occurring the day of the exam.
I feel perhaps here was a territorial glitch contained by the grading system or something contained by Southern California to result in this because various of my friend's children have have the same problem though their Upper Level children's score are consistent with their diagnostics, usual score, etc. Is anyone else familiar next to this type of issue for the January 2008 ISEE? If so-- what do you plan to do about it? I've contacted ERB but own not heard final yet. It's simply so strange!

Answers:    You may be perplexed by the fact that the check scores on the ISEE are lower than that of previous standardized test your child has taken. But within order to know ability or exploit test score, you need to be on familiar terms with the group against whom the student is being compared, i.e. the norm group.

The norm group for ISEE is the population state who are applying to independent schools, a significantly competitive population vs the norm group for other standardized tests i.e. the whole nation.

To illustrate the significance of the different norm, a student's reading score at the 87th percentile rank on a National Norm might equate to the 50th percentile on the Independent School Norm.

Imagine a universe of 20 children.

They all whip a standardized test, and get something done as follows


Your daughter K did better than most (everyone but two) and she was contained by the 90 percentile

Now a selected group take the ISEE (because not all of them apply to private schools). Even more, those that do appropriate the ISEE are those in the giant end of the standardize theory test. For example, of the 20 in the example, just 5 take the question paper. Let me illustrate those who took it with * and those who did not near -


Now, your daughter performed exactly indistinguishable as before, within the 90% of the total population (had they all taken the exam). However, as singular 5 took it, she is now at the 50%.

Also because of this, Independent Schools do not look for 90% contained by the ISE (if they were looking at standardized audition they would be looking at 90%). In ISEE anything above 50% is good for most school.

Also, remember that ISEE is just one of plentiful aspects of the application, so if your daugther is strong in adjectives aspects, she should not have a problen.

I hope this help.

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