Is a sat score of 1560 good enough to get into a decent college?


You have an average score for the SAT. I'm not sure what you are referring to as a decent school. If a decent school for you is like NYU, UCLA, etc, then your SAT score is not high enough. If it's a school such as the University of Florida, etc., then it's high enough for consideration. I would highly recommend you try to improve your score. Raising your score is hard, but definitely not impossible. Get a few review books and PRACTICE as much as you can. I highly recommend using's sat review guide. For only 10 dollars, it offers much more information than the majority of SAT review books. In addition, also try using the Princeton Review's SAT review books for help.

All ya need now is $150,000 and your in a descent university...
is that out of 1600 or 2400 (current scale)?

if it is out of 1600, that is a really good score, but out of 2400...i'm not quite sure...
if you are refering to the old SAT, then it is a great score! if you are refering to the new one, then it is ok. do you play any sports? if so, then that will help you very much.

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