Revision for KS3 maths SAT's - Level 6 - 8?

Question:Hi, I'm doing my KS3 maths SAT soon, and I'd like to know if there are any topics that I really need to revise. Level 6 - 8 paper please. Also, any good online resources would be appreciated
Thanks in advance.

I'm doing 6-8 paper too. I've been told to revise :
Standard index form
Cumulative frequency
Pythagoras Theorem
Graph equations
Algabraic expressions (they make up one third of the test)
Area, surface area and volume
I'm doing the same and I've been told to revise Trigonometry and Pythagorus' Theorem mostly. Hope that helps :D
Wow. Me too! >< Try going on but i think you need your school to sign up for it :S it's a really good site to revise on. is also a good place to download past papers and try work on them first and see what subjects your struggling on to see what u can do to improve in them areas.
Try it has loads of pass papers on it, i know it's late considering maths is tomorrow, but, you could probably get a years worth done (mental, calc, non calc)
Good Luck!
i know, ive got them too. its tomorrow non calculator && calculator. so really do some last minute revision on the topics that your weakest at.
type in ks3 bitesize on google
thats a really good site that helps me.
im doing the same level paper as you, && thats what i'm doing
hope it goes well
Hi, did you find the first test hard?

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