Can u cheat on the eye exam?

Question:wen u get ur eyes cheked and wen u cover one eye is there a way to teach.

You could squint, I guess.
If I can wade through all that, what you are asking is if there is a way to cheat when you have to cover one eye on an eye exam? Unless you are stone blind, yes, and many people have done it. Most optometrists use a standard eye chart and it's quite easy to memorize. As long as you can see where the pointer is pointing, you can identify the letter. It gets more difficult with some of the newer tests, because there are a few variations in the charts.

I'm guessing you need glasses or contacts, did you check your spelling?

Deal with your glasses until your parents let you get contacts or until you have lasic surgery
Why would you want to? But if you really want to, the 20/20 line in most Snellen Charts is "DEFPOTEC"

Good luck, I guess...
First of all, you said, "is there a way to teach". I believe you meant to say "cheat".

I suppose there are ways, but why would you want to?
I understand you may not want glasses/contacts or anything, but if you do need them, why suffer? You'll suffer more not being able to see than wearing some glasses or contacts.

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