I took the battery exam 473 and received a score of 80 is that considered a good score?

Well 70 is passing.The battery 473 is a newer test and rumor has it that 100 is not possible on this test.
I have the most recent study guide by TParnell an expert postal test taker and author of postal exam guides he states in his book that his postal contacts and feed back from customers have confirmed that "the highest scores recorded for the 473 exam so far are in the mid 80's" ( this is from tparnell book)
He also states in the book "Don't be discouraged by your exam score! Think of 85 as the highest possible score , not 100. If your score is 83 , its time to celebrate.You are only 2 points from a perfect score of 85.And if your score is in the 70's ,that's not nearly as bad as it sounds.you are only a hand full of points away from a perfect score of 85" ( this is from tparnell book)
He also states that "whenever he took the test and scored anywhere in the 80's in every case I was almost immediately received an invitation to an employment interview" he also states that many of his customers with scores in the 80's were contacted quickly" ( this is from tparnell book)
So I think 80 is pretty good. I took the 480 yearss ago when I got hired and scored in the 90's.My ex was hired with a score of 70! Good luck <-------this is from me !
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