Percentage of people who get 5's on ap tests?

Question:i was wondering how many people usually get 5's on ap tests percentage wise. like 10% or20%? just curious
and how does ap euro compare with other ap subjects, is it harder or easier?

Well, 12% is about accurate Euro History, but the number of people receiving 5s can vary from 5%-more than 40%.

That said, the number of people who get the highest scores is somewhat misleading. For example, in Calculus BC, where over 40% of people get 5s, the students are probably more able. By no means in the BC exam easy--just that smarter and better prepared people take it. The same might apply with English Language--more people take it. Also, it probably isn't that hard to get into an AP Lang class. Since that test is so popular, it's no wonder that only 5-6% of the people get 5s.
About 12% of students who take the AP Euro exam get 5's. Thats around the percentage of most of the other AP tests, so it's probably arouned the same in terms of dificulty.
Last year, 12.0% of AP Euro students got a 5 on the exam. On other exams, percentages of people with 5's on the exam range from 41.9% (AP Calculus BC) to 5.4% (AP English Language & Composition). AP Euro is a little on the challenging side, but it's pretty much in the middle of the AP pack.

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