SAT score.. is this good or bad???

Question:I have a friend who got his SAT score back, and wanted to know: is a 1080 good or bad? And if it's neither than is it closer to being good or closer to being bad. Thanx in advance!

It's one of the worst scores I've ever heard of. People get way higher than that with just 2 sections on the old SAT.
IT is a good score but its not the best
It's a bad score.
Out of 2400? Yeah, sorry.
it depends if its on a scale of 1600 or 2400

if its 1600 then yeah its alright
if its 2400 then no it sucks
yeah... thats pretty bad lol
The new tests are out of 2400. That means your friend got a 45% on the SAT. I would advise him/her to retake the test and hope for a better score!!

However, if the tests are out of 1600, the percentage is up to about 70%.

Either way, have your friend look at what they did and didn't do well. If they did good on writing and comprehension, but totally failed math, have them study that subject and retake the test. OR, maybe it is the other way around (good at math, bad at writing); have them study that subject. Also, just tell them to calm down. There is no need to get worked up over this test. Remember, you can take it multiple times!

Your friend was also close to an average score. Just a little improvement, and your friend will be close to being accepted to aa lot of colleges.

Best of luck!
i dunno... but i heard a monkey took the test and scored a 7 lol
it kinda is... if he just got it back recently
its ok
If that is out of 1600, then that is a decent score.

If it is out of 2400, thought I doubt it, that is extremely poor and your friend needs to study more and retake the SAT.
Average Scores
The SAT has three sections and three scores, each on a scale of 200 to 800.

Writing (200-800)
Math (200-800)
Critical Reading (200-800)
The average total score is approximately 1,538 points (520 in Math, 510 in Writing, and 508 in Critical Reasoning).

An average score is acceptable for most colleges and universities. However, some of the top schools will expect you to achieve an SAT score of 2,100 of more. A score above 2,100 puts you in the 90th percentile, meaning that you scored better on the test than 90% of test takers.

Perfect Scores
A perfect score is 2,400 points. Approximately 1,000,000 students take the SAT each year and on average, only 20 of them get a perfect score.

hope this helps
it's bad.

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