Should I drop an AP class?

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I'm going to be a junior this fall. The only AP class I've taken so far is AP World History. I worked my butt off and got an A+ in the class and a 5 on the exam. I also managed to get A+s in my other classes (they're regular) with the exception of As in PE and English (I was never too fond of English). I'm worried that I won't be able to handle 3 AP classes. Here's my expected schedule:

Japanese 3
English 3
AP Psychology
AP US History
AP Calculus AB (if I pass Math Analysis this summer)

I hear AP Calculus AB is really time-consuming but I also hear that AP Psychology and US History are fairly easy. But then again, most people would say AP World History is easy but I devoted a lot of my time to that class.

I'm barely starting my ECs nows, so I want to be able to work on that while maintaining good grades. I'm also worried that my other classes, despite being regular, will also be demanding. My dream colleges are UC Berkeley and UCS

You can probably pull off those classes. but there will be a lot of work to do. AP Calculus AB is really time consuming (I know that from experience--I spent no less than 7-8 hours studying for it each week, and sometimes I spent more time when I had quizzes and tests to study for). During my junior year, I managed to take AP Calc AB, AP US History (which was easy; I only spent about 4 hours per week studying for the class), AP Latin Lit, Honors Physics, Honors English 11, Honors Research, and Art 2. I did alright (got A+'s and A's in all the classes and 5s on the AP exams). I did have to spend a lot of nights studying by butt off at times. On some nights, I'd only get 3 hours of sleep, but that wasn't normal. You should be alright if you study hard for your classes and devote some time to extracurriculars (but not more than 12 hours per week).

If you don't do that great in Math Analysis (as in barely pulling a B in it, or lower), it might be a better idea to take an easier Calculus class (if there is one offered). Otherwise, you might end up with a C or lower in AP Calculus, and that won't look good on your transcript, even if it is an AP class. AP Calculus AB is hard, and you can get lost pretty quickly. Of course, if your school offers no other calculus course, you'll have to take AP no matter what.

If you did do well in Math Analysis, keep all three AP courses.

By the way, AP World History is NEVER considered to be an easy class. It makes lots of kids want to pull there hair out.
No. AP is worth it. Trust me.
I wouldn't do it. AP classes will earn college credit, so you won't have to take some of those classes when you go off to college.

It might make things a little tougher now, but it will really pay off by making things just a bit easier in college.
You can do it man !
I can't tell you anything about the AP Psych or History classes, but I think that as long as you have a decent teacher or a decent textbook Calculus AB shouldn't be too bad. I took Calculus BC and got 5 on the exam even though we didn't even have time to go through all of the subjects that were tested on the exam.
if you feel overwhelm now maybe you should not take all of the AP classes. the classes mean nothing unless you can get an 5 on the test. i would take the calculus only and just take the other classes in college. us history and psychology in college is not too hard if you have a good teacher. its even better if you take it during the summer less work.
are you fairly good in math? if you struggle at all...I dont know if I would do it, can you do chem as AP?
chem is a demanding course, just like calculus, both require that you stay caught up at all times, the second you lose it a are sunk, because they both build each day, on the past days material... are going to have two years to get what you can done...
hang in there, and if good with math..go for it
I didn't take AP Calculus AB.. instead I took AP Statistics.
AP Psychology and AP U.S. History.. aren't necessarily really easy. But they're not difficult. You just have to know your material. Obviously, you're dedicated when it comes to history, and APUSH will probably easier for you.. since it's U.S. History. I didn't really have any trouble when it came to the class. So, you should be fine. AP Psychology is pretty much memorization, but I guess you'll have to understand lots of the main concepts .. for the AP exam.

3 AP classes junior should be no problem.
I took the same amount.

-AP Psychology.
-AP US History.
-AP Language/Comp.
I took 3 AP classes my junior year and I definitely regret it. I was so swamped with the 3 classes that I didn't pass any of the tests. I would split it between this year and next (take 2 this year, plan on taking 2 next year) to make it easier on yourself. It's bad enough to take multiple AP's during the year, but imagine how rough it'll be in May when the tests come around!!
You want to have as many APs with great grades as possible for competitive schools, so naturally you want to do what will be best for that goal. If you're a fantastic math student, then Math Analysis and Calc AB will be easy. If not, then both will be pretty tough. It depends on your math ability whether you should take that courseload, really. Try gathering some opinions about all those classes at your school from people who've taken some before. They vary widely for different schools (because of teaching strategies/abilities). The fact that AP U.S. History is probably the most widely feared AP at my school should be proof of that (probably about 4 people out of 60-ish with A's for the year, in my school). AP Psych on the other hand, seems to be pretty easy no matter what school you go to.
I wouldn't drop it. Just take it for at least 1 quarter and see how you do. If you feel it's too hard or too time consuming, consider dropping it because you still have the chance too. That's what I'm deciding to do because my schedule will include 3 AP's also(Bio, Calc AB, and US History) and I willcontinue in a sport, yearbook, and/or orchestra. I will also be doing Spanish 3 honors and English 3 honors-so do what you think you'll be able to handle...
I strongly suggest you drop 1 AP class. Despite what most people say, I will tell you something that you can verify at the collegeboard. AP US History has the lowest pass rate for the AP exam. I have taken it myself and it is a class you must devote a lot of time to.
I suggest you drop AP Psychology. I've taken it myself. Taking AP Calculus is better.
It's not worth taking all 3 if you can't handle it. And trust me, there's lot of other things you have to factor in to get into college. Taking as many AP classes isn't everything. The rest of your schedule is heavy. Take two, do excellent in both classes and the rest of your regular classes. It's more impressive than doing bad on perhaps one of your APs. These AP tests aren't something to be taken lightly. Taking 1 is easy, but taking 3 is a lot more difficult. Also depends on what kinds of teacher you have.

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