Is a SAT I score of 1520 good or bad? :)?

Do you mean out of the total 2400 or just M+CR 1600?
If you mean total, Writing included, that's about average, maybe a bit below, as your average for each area would be 506.
If you mean out of just Math and Critical Reading, that's spectacular! Your average would be 760, which is an amazing score.
that will be average
if it is combined with writing: little lower than average
if it is without writing: you can qualify for any college
It's a tad bit above average. The average score for the SAT exam is 1500. I highly recommend that you get a score in the 2000's or above if you would like to attend a prestigious university. To help prepare for your SAT exam, I suggest using's sat guide and the Princeton Review's sat guide. Both books extensively prepare you for everything on the SAT.
thats great!
Is that after it's combined with the writing score or just reading & math?
Either way it isn't bad.
If that's with the writing then it's about average
If that's w/o the writing it's REALLY good lol

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