How many years would it take me to study medicine in usa as an international student?

Question:i am presently in high school.i also want an idea of how much i would pay yearly.

There might be a slight chance you could be admitted to an American medical college after earning a degree in chemistry or biology from a foreign university - IF - the foreign university was very prestigious and you got a very high mark or standing when you graduated. But probably you need to have a degree from an American university. To get a degree from a US school usually takes four years. The least expensive schools would cost about $25,000 USD per year but many schools cost much more (up to $50,000 per year, but that only includes the tuition fees and the living expenses while you are at school.

Each year about 35000 students apply to US Med Schools and about 17000 are accepted. There is no point applying if you do not have very good grades in school, so all 35000 of the applicants are good students. The med schools pick those students they think are the best, the most committed, the most serious and mature, and the most likely to succeed as physicians and surgeons. Medical school costs from $25,000 to $50,000 per year and there are very few scholarships. You are expected to borrow the money and pay it back after you become a physician.
about 8-10 years, it will cost about 100 thousand or more
depends entirely on how many credits you take each semester and what school you go to. Every school is a little different in their curriculum so you might have to take some extra classes here and there. find the school you want to go to and then look at home many credit hours you need to graduate. The cost will also stem from which school you go to.

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