What's the difference between a professor and a teacher?

While I would agree with SUMMER, whose answer is short, sweet, and simply, I would add that "teachers," who teach grades k-12, are trained in education classes; whereas, "professors," who teach at the university level, are not always trained in education classes.

Moreover, one can "teach" at the university level with a Masters degree but still not be considered a "professor."

I would disagree that professors are smarter--instead they have earned a higher education degree, PhD., in one specific area of study.

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A professor is in college.
A teacher is in elementarry-middle-high school
A professor teaches post secondary education - University, College, etc. Teachers teach grade school.
Professors usually have a PhD. and teach at university.
Teachers are usually found in high school and lower. Also Professor's are usually smarter.
A teacher has a degree in education, some also have a master's. Professor's have done their bachelor degree, master's degree and a PhD, or doctorate degree (same thing). Professor's go to school about the same about of time as a medical doctor, thus doctorate.
experience and qualification
Theoretically, nothing. Regardless of educational levels, both impart knowledge ergo, teach; as simple as that. Socially however, we define "status" (including educational) by titles. People who are dedicated teachers usually eschew titles as being somewhat pompous and divissive from their students. That's my 2 cents' worth.
Normally about 45k a year and again normally a Professor CANNOT be sacked from his post.
A professor is in college.
A teacher is in elementarry-middle-high school
A professor has more years of education
A teacher is not so well educated
A professor does not loose his temper on you
A teacher can loose his temper on you as he likes
A professor will not ask you to do inappropriate things
A teacher can ask you to do extra things at your own expense
A professor can be respected
A teacher may not be respected
Mostly "all of the above." However, a professor in a University is usually required to write journal articles, research papers, or books in his/her area of expertise (or be published) with some frequency. A professor in a College is usually not required to do more than teach. And, of course, a teacher in el/hs is never required to write (to be published) and may indeed, be required to "teach" in more than one subject.

All, can be "fired" until they earn tenure. Once tenure is earned, removing the teacher/professor is almost impossible.

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