How to write a letter of complaint to school's principal about a teacher?

Question:I want to write a letter to my principal because I want to change my teacher. Actually, the guidance conselor said that my parents should. However, both of them doesn't understand english much, so I have to write it first, and then my mom would re-write it...
But I don't know how to begin AND how to address the problem, which is because I don't like the way he teaches. It's just not about my "attitude", but I know I'm not gonna be able to do my best in Bio II, and I am very serious about this matter. I want to my best, but I know I really can't do that in this class.

Just show me how to start the letter AND how to politely address this problem would be GREAT!!
Thank you for your thoughts!

Dear Mr. (principal's name):

I am concerned about (Student name)'s progress in her Biology II class. (ST\tudnet name) is not reponding to the teachers manner of instruction. He/She wants to do her/his best.

We believe that it would be in the best interest of our child to be transferred into another Biology II class. Please consider this request and let us know your decision as soon as possible.

(Parent's name)
You know that getting switched out of a class to another is not very easy... at least in my old school it wasn't... I tell what in life you're going to have to face with a lot of people that you may not understand or get along with, I think that this would be a good experience. but if you still want to change teachers.. well then something like this...

I am kindly requesting that my son/daughter be switched from Biology II with Mr..... We feel that because of his teaching style and personality our son would do better in another class. If you should have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me at (phone#). Thank you in advance for your prompt attention to this important matter.



I hope this helps! Good Luck!
Probably start it off very very buisness like. Do it like a buisness letter.

Mr. Joe Shmoe-

My son,___________, fksriejriowjfksdjfksajf...blah blah blah.

You asked how to start it, well there you are. Hope this helps.

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