Fellow teachers, please help me get excited about the upcoming school year!?

Question:I have been teaching for only 5 years. I am 41, married with 2 teenagers at home. I just can't seem to get excited about starting the school year again. What do you do to get ready?

I like to get inspired and motivated by watching all the sappy feel-good teaching movies I can - Ron Clark Story, Mr. Holland's Opus, even School of Rock. Gets me in the mood to change the world.

And I like to go shopping for school supplies and educational materials. Finding a good bargain or a really neat game/poster/resource always excites me.

I also like to read a little of Harry Wong's 1st Days of School. There's lots of inspirational stories in it.
Then quit, because its not just a job its a responsibility to teach young minds. and there are to many people who see it as a paycheck and not much more. Just remember that thats someones children and they should get the best education possible.
Humor helps. Lookit..I really think the key is to develop interests at home. Take up a new hobby. That keeps YOU fresh, and if you can keep yourself fresh, you can capture the interest of the students. Another key..enjoy the rest of the summer! Try to build a life so that you can share it with the students.
I'm in the same boat. I think its because I'm teaching the same grade again. I'm anxious to try out a different grade but "since I perform so well." Ah well...I guess something that motivates me is thinking about what theme I will decorate the classroom and what other new content I can add to our already scripted curriculum.
I feel your pain. I teach junior high and then I come home to two teenagers and their friends, 2 dogs, 3 guinea pigs, a small lizard, a big turtle, and my husband.

My philosophy is that while I am teaching my students, I also need to take care of myself, and make my job fun and interesting. I pestered my principal to give me all the computers that he replaced, so, after a few years, I collected 15, and I incorporate them into my teaching. Why? I love computers. My students benefit, of course, but I did it for me.

Take a look at what you are not looking forward to.

Maybe you are bored. Because of my credentials, my assignment changes a lot. Although I complain about it, I enjoy the challenge. I could never teach the same thing year after year. So, maybe you could change subjects or grade level.

Maybe the school population is wearing on you. I have taught in an underperforming school for the past 14 years - my whole career. We have a lot of turnover, and I am tired of coaching teachers who leave (either the school or the profession), and struggling with classroom management myself. I think I may look at some nearby districts with higher-performing students for a change. I don't know, though - I'm paid well, my health insurance is covered, and I work for strong administrators. Those things are hard to find in one place.

Maybe you could change the way you teach or how you organize the period or your day (you don't say what you teach). Have you taken any professional development classes? I try to change some things every year.

If you don't teach with technology becasue your district doesn't provide it, then buy it yourself. A computer and an LCD projector will change your life and your lessons forever.
I start hitting all of the school supply sales. Getting those packages of pencils for a penny and boxes of crayons for a dime gets me going. (I just love a sale!) I also spend a couple of nights going to websites that give away free posters/videos, etc. When the new things come in the mail, it's like a treat. I am 40, married with an 11, 18 and 20 year old at home, so I feel your pain there. I also try each year to figure out how to get a bit more organized than last year. This summer I actually put everything into binders, and I mean everything. What a job, but I know it will be worth it. This will be my 11th year teaching and, to be quite honest, I am a miserable grouch the week before school starts. Once it gets going though, it's exciting.
At the end of each school year I make a goal for the next year about something I want to change or something new I want to implement. So towards the end of the summer I usually start prepping for that. When I get back to school I am excited to see how my new idea turns out. Changing things up is a great way to stay excited and fresh. You can change things you do in your classroom, the grade or level you teach, how you use technology, how you decorate and arrange your room. Or maybe you could take on a responsibility at your school like heading a committee or being a club sponser.

If by the time you get back to school and you are still not excited then it might be time to move on and try a different career. Teacher burn out is common, but those teachers who lose the desire often loose their effectiveness.

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