Teaching a 6 year old how to do math problems and read?

Question:I am 14 years old and my mom wants me to help her friend's child, who is 6, to read and do math but I have no idea where to even start! I'm not sure what grade she's in but I think 1st or 2nd grade. If anyone has any tips or websites that I can go on to see examples, that would mean a lot.


All children learn at a different level. My son had a bit of difficulty reading until he was about 7.5(1st grade). He understood the sounds of the words, but had problems with pronunciations(such as whether it is a long or short vowel sound and why all is pronounced oll). I have read to him every night since he was a baby. The best thing to help encourage reading is to read rhyming or repetition books together. Also, point out the words as you read simple books. Use your finger to trace your sentence so that she can see where you are starting and stopping a thought. If you use a book that has great pictures or rhyming/repeating words, then ask the child to finish your sentence. Such as
"There once was a boy(point to the word boy and then to the boy in the picture)
Who played with a....(point to the word toy on the page and ask her what the boy is playing with in the picture)"
6 year olds are GREAT rhymers, so this is helpful. Also, point out familiar words when you are on outings(like STOP, McDonald's, Elm Street). It is important that she knows that words stand for objects and actions.

As far as the math part goes, use counting bears. You can get them at Walmart. Visually showing how when you have 3 bears and you add 3 more you have
123456....6 bears. Use the words "take away" when subtracting before introducing the word "subtract". Also, count things in daily activity. "How many raisins do you have?" "If you eat 2....now how many do you have?" Reinforce the idea ..."Okay, you had 6 raisins and by eating them, you took two away. Now you have 4 raisins." Then ask "So..then what is 6 take away 2?" When she answers give her praise! "That's right! Great Job! 6 take away 2 is 4!"

Good luck and don't get discouraged! A lot of times it will suddenly "click" with a child. The most important thing is to make it FUN. If you make it work, the child will never want to do math or read. If you make it fun, they will want to do more and more and the more enjoyable the activity is for the child, the easier it is to teach them more things!
Ask the childs mother to go to k-mart or wal-mart even the dollar stores and she can buy work books for this child's age. They help a lot. If the child is struggling, get the grade before the one he/she is in. Doing this, the dhild should pick up fast, my grand son did some of these books before kindergarten and in kindergarten now he is doing above grade level.
I helped my lil sis some websites are atteached. Try making story problems or made-up tests/worksheets.

hope this helps!! I want to be a kindergarten teacher so you've helped me too!

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type in free math print outs all kinds of websites will show up.

as far as reading well get very easy books with repetitive words in them.
Ok start by going to the libraray and getting books out on the topic in his age classification
Then make the activity a game and fun for him
If he does the tasks correctly arrange for a treat
His favourite fruit r sweet
Then after getting a certain amount of little treats score up to a big prize like an afternoon out playing football or a visit to the zoo
Start on recap.Go methodically from the basics of numbers to simple additions.always use examples of chocolates apples ,oranges,pencils ect .to make understanding simple and down to earth.practice again and again the concept that you r teaching.ensure that the next day you start with the previous days work before moving on .best of luck
Okay... well first start with phonics. Use the vowel sounds with consinants. ie ( premium- cover up the "mium" and ask what is the sounds of these letters make together "pre". then ask for the "mium" and repeat step one. if the child can't get taht ask for each letter sound and make sure taht you do "p"-puh, "r"-arr, "e" (the long sound)- eee, "m"- mmh, "i"-eee, "u" uh, "m"-mmh)
for math use 2+2=4 and ask the child to show you "2" with his hands (child holds up two fingers) then ask on his other hand to show you two fingers (child holds up two fingers on his other hand) and ask him t ocount them all and he should get four. If he can't do that start with teaching him to count.

Good Luck!

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