what will be a good strategy for PRESCHOOL show and tell? (please include DETAIL plans) Thank U Very much! :

I have been a Montessori preschool teacher for twelve years. I used to let the child show and tell at circle about almost anything. It got to a point where the same children and many were sharing everyday. It ended up that most of circle was for sharing. Some children brought appropriate things to share, yet others who just wanted to talk would pull something out of the car on the way to class (rocks, hair clips, dolls, toys...). This had to change! Now what I do is put a rug on the floor in the center of our circle where the children put what they brought to show (sometimes we put in in a bag and play a guessing game). We start off circle with a greeting song, then calender, then sharing. Children can share only items that fit our theme. For example, if were are learning about Antarctica they can share penguin pictures, books...something to do with that continent. I'll say, "I see something that starts with p or I see something living (make it fun). Who brought that?" The child then gets what they brought and tells about it. I'll add a little knowledge of my own about there sharing (if I have any). Sometimes they need a little guidance. I then ask if they want to put their sharing where others can look at it during classtime or if they want to put it in their cubby. If I think it will be to distracting during classtime I ask that they put it in their cubby. They can also share about something special. Like if the went on a trip they can show pictures or souvenirs that they got. So keep show and tell to your classroom themes (you can send a note to the parents asking for help with this). Circle will be much more informative this way and it gives a boost to your theme. Good luck! your'e lazy man...ask your preschoolers what's a good idea or what do they want to do if i was u, i would ask the people that was watching wot they wanted to see then take it from there make sure that they don't bring anything alive and nothing that they can't carry themselves.

Also, they must already possess it and cannot go buy anything. Sometimes its good for show and tell to have a theme for each show and tell.

IE fruit...tell them to bring their favorite fruits. 1) With preschoolers you have to break it into manageable chunks of time.
2) With younger children, sometimes it is better instead of the entire class having to show the same day to choose perhaps 4-6 children (depending on class size) to show and tell while the rest watch, then rotate the schedule either day to day or week to week. Remember to notify the parents so they can help their little ones practice as well!
3)Sometimes with very young children it can help to have a "theme" show & tell, for instance "My Favourite..." or "My Pets" or "My Family"
4)Make sure they know to bring some kind of paper picture though instead of a thing - you don't want something precious to get ripped, stained, or lost which tends to happen with preschoolers.

I know this isn't a lesson plan, but I'm sure you're better able to put that together than I am. Just hints & tips - have fun, and just try to make it somewhat low pressure for the children. Don't expect anything very coherent, either - after all, they're only preschoolers and while I applaud teaching them I personally feel too much structure can start working against you at that age. bring anything or person,no exspensive things,video games,money,etc,no pets.Get a big box,put their names on their things and put them in the box to stop distractions.Have show and tell toward the end of the school day. wut kind of show and tell?? well ik some kindergaeden kids brind their pet and if u do that u'll have to go with he/her to take care the pet. I teach preschool in a Montessori school. We have a letter sound of the week and on Friday the children will bring something that begins with the letter we are studying. Not only does this reinforce the letter sound, but it gets the parents involved.

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