describe your experience caring for children?

It's wonderful if you don't get too bogged down in trying to do things "right." There are a lot of things you can to wrong, but what comes right comes naturally. Enjoy your children - they keep you young at heart.

Snuggle them, kiss them, laugh with them, tell them it's OK to be angry but that you always love them. Sneak into their room in the middle of the night and whisper "I love you" in their ears then kiss them before you go to sleep.

Learn to love what they learn from their mistakes. Give them the trust to be adventurous and the responsibility to be careful.

Make your disappointment in them their worst punishment. Source(s):
Mother of two - ages 14 and 6. What do you mean describe your experience with children? Do you mean caring for children, raising children, teaching or etc. It sucked the life out of me and I almost died. I was unsucessful.I am bipolar & toddlers make me extremely nervous.good luck.parenting classes may help you. I can say that i had fun. I came up with activity's to keep the kids i got them tried, and I had time to my self. I love being a mother. However, now that I have my own, other people's kids get on my nerves so much faster. I used to have all of the patience of a saint. I do day care in my home and I love my kids here that I currently care for. When I first started day care, I needed families and took whichever ones came along. Now I am more picky because I think I ended up with a horrible group to start because they must all have been kicked out of their previous day cares. They were monsters! My group now is all girls and they sit so well and play house, babies, or whatever else.


myself, the day care provider

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