What are the differences between a teacher, an educator and an academic?

As a teacher, an educator, and academic, let me phrase this answer as simply as possible. A teacher is someone who is taught how to teach something (say English) and in turn, teaches others. An educator is someone who specializes in teaching others how to teach, and sometimes may even dabble in the act of teaching themselves. An academic is a person who has studied a great deal about a specific topic, and therefore may qualify as an expert in that area. Many retired academics make great teachers. And some make horrible teachers, as they have never been educators, let alone teachers. Teachers are bad academics; they know a little about a lot and not a lot about a a little. Educators are mostly ignored by academics who think they can teach (some can) and by teachers who can teach (because they do it, and not train others about it.) Hope this helps! Teacher and educator are pretty much the same thing; the only difference is that teacher is mostly used for schools, and the term educator is maybe a little more broad to include people who teach specialized fields (people who don't want others to think they teach at schools)... but that might not even be a real difference. An academic is just someone who likes to learn things and possibly does academic research for a living, or other academic things as hobbies. I don't think 'academic' is reserved for people who have jobs in that area, just people who are involved in the academic community somehow. Within academia, diverse constituent groups have diverse, and sometimes conflicting, goals. In the contemporary academy several of these conflicts are widely distributed and common. A salient example of conflict is that between the goal to increase services and the goal to reduce costs. The conflicting goals of professional education programs and general education advocates currently are playing out in the negotiation over accreditation standards. A teacher teaches, it usually means in schools as in college or university this role is usually called a lecturer.
An educator might be a teacher but it can also includes people who write text books, design educational programs, and administer educational institutions. An academic is someone whose profession is to study and or research some areas of knowledge in great detail although often academics will teach. Educators don't have to have a degree or license.I don't have either,but I am one.You just have to be capable of teaching. A teacher is someone who introduces some knowledge already defined by an institution (like a school).
An educator is someone who educates - not necessarily a pattern content (like a tutor). A teacher can be a kind of educator, but not every educator is a teacher.
An academic is a member of some academy institution (a college, a school) - commonly associated with philosophy. Not necessarily a teacher, can be a researcher.



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