I want to be a professor, do I need teaching certification?

Question:I am currently majoring in English with a minor in Ethnic and Gender Studies, but I was wondering if I have to get my K-12 certification to teach at a college level? If not, how would I go about the process to become a professor?

I can answer your question! I've been thinking about doing it for awhile. I'm putting in my applications for next year. I'll be getting my Ph.D in either instructional technology or business administration.

I'm teaching on an adjunct (part-time basis).
I teach management courses. You can teach at the college level only if you have a Master's degree in a particular area of interest. Example: I'm a business instructor and I have a MBA.

You would be able to teach at the smaller colleges or even a community college with your Master's degree. You'd only be teaching undergraduates. To teach graduate students, you'll need a Ph.D.

To be a college professor, you'll need your Ph.D. The first step to getting one is getting your Bachelor degree, then your Master's. It is possible to get your Ph.D without getting a Master's degree BUT you'll have to jump through a LOT more "Hoops" to get it.

It takes three years to get your Ph.D on a full-time basis. You'll definitely need student loans, grants, etc to make it. You receive a stipend from the school as well. Also, you'll need to take the GMAT or GRE (depending on your area of interest)

While working on your Ph.D, you also teach classes. It's part of the program. After such time, you'd be a full-time professor.
no, don't need any cert. or license, but you do need a Ph D.
No, you need to get your Ph.D in the field you want to teach. Good luck!
Not at all. grow a beard.
No, you don't need a teaching certificate...but, you will need your doctorate to teach at the college level.
No, you'll get your training through the college or university...you'll need a Masters degree...
HAH! you do know that to be even considered as a proffessor, you need at least a Masters? Your certification would definitely help, but no, it is not neccessary. just study hard, get that good lookin' piece of paper on the wall, and start lookin. But as always, experience is what you need to land the job.
It depends on the state. In most cases you can teach classes below you degree. Ex, a Master can teach Bachelors classes and a Bachelors can teach Associate classes. A professor normally holds a Doctorate. In my state you need a teaching cert. only in public schools.
No you don't need a teaching certificate for K-12. Since you will be teaching at a college level, you will need to get your doctorate in English, be a professor's assistant and apply for a professor at some university/ college.
No. You generally need a Masters or PH D.

Professor status is an awarded title that comes after tenure and years, usually when a staffer retires.

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