How did bubble gum get it's name?

Question:Does the gum in your mouth have anything to deal with it's name?

because you can blow bubbles and it has a gummy texture
gum is made from the "gum" of the tree
you can blow bubbles with it = bubble gum
no.. im pretty sure that when gum was first invented or created, the main ingredient was from the gum tree, so thats why its called gum. im pretty sure that commercial gum nowadays is made of chemicals and sugar and no longer contains ingredient from the gum tree.
No, the name bubble gum doesn't have anything to do with the gum in your mouth. It's called gum because one meaning of that word is the sap that oozes out of a tree or other plant. The first chewing gum that was produced commercially was the chewable tree sap called "chicle." It was introduced to the US by the Mexican dictator Santa Anna, when he was in New York after he was captured by the Texans. "Bubble gum" is called that because it's a kind of chewing gum that you can blow bubbles with.
well cause you can blowwww bubbles with it
Main Entry: bubble gum
Function: noun
1 : a chewing gum that can be blown into large bubbles
2 usually bub·ble·gum /'b&-b&l-"g&m/ : rock music having simple repetitive phrasings and intended especially for young teenagers
AAAGGGHHHHH!! Sorry, I can't answer a question with bad punctuation. It's should be its - no apostrophe.
same as dunderheads get theirs

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