How tall is the tallest living woman in the UK?

Question:In the record books there is a record for the tallest man, but nothing for the tallest woman.

I cannot find any information in this at all! All that keeps coming up is the WORLDS tallest woman, but nothing on the UK's tallest woman. Hopefully someone else can help. Sorry about that.
I think my daughter is, she is 5ft 11 :)
I cant find anything on the net,I had an e.mail last week with a photo of a beautiful girl who weighed 23 stone,but she was 7ft 2ins,from Sweden I think she was.
According to an article in the Daily Mail written on the 29th August 2006 it says that the title of the tallest female in Britain is held by a woman from Birmingham who is 6 feet 8 inches tall.However it does not mention her name
The article goes on to say that a young girl of 12 years of age by the name of Tara Savage from Cranbrook in Kent is 6 feet tall and growing at a rate of 6 inches a year and has been told by her doctors that she could top 7 feet, which would put her on track to become Britain's tallest woman.
Zainab Bibi, 7'0" or 7'2" is possibly the UK's tallest living woman. There are lots of really tall women, classified so if they are over 5'10" tall.

De-Fen Yao, the tallest woman alive, is 7'8 1/2"? Women like basketball pro Malgorzata Dydek who is 7'2" or Allyssa DeHaan who is 6'9". Include also in the list Uma Thurman who is 6' tall.

Hope this is helpful.

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