How Many Odd/Even Numbered Days in a year?

Question:There's 365 days a year. Each month varies according to days, from 28-31.

My question is, how many odd-numbered days and even-numbered days are there in a year?

jan.1st = odd
jan. 2nd = even
march. 7 = odd
nov. 31 odd
... and so on...

Assuming it's not a leap year, there are 7 months with an odd number of days, if we exclude those 7 days you would have the same number of even & odd days So the formula is this:

(Total days - 7 ) / 2 = even number of days
( 365 - 7) / 2 = 179

Add the excluded days back in and you have the odd number of days. 179 + 7 = 186

Of course in a leap year you would be excluding 8 days so the odd days goes up by one.
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