Did bill gates invent the internet?

Question:first person to say yes gets ten points i'm trying to prove my brother wrong

i'm going to say yes to get the points, but..
No. It was largely the Department of Defense.
No..He did not

hahaha no al gore did!!
Yes, just after he invented the computer, which was one of his later inventions, as he was previously known for inventing the typewriter, the cotton gin, and the abacus.
Don't try to prove your brother wrong. You are wrong.
The Internet was developed by the International Atomic Energy Agency in Switzerland. Scientist working there needed some system to co-ordinate their research and development work and network amongst themselves. It was developed on a captive telephone network (like a telephone exchange).
Present avatar of Internet is the product of this above stated concept developed by Scientists of IAEA.
yes you are right
No he invented the windows program.
He didn't, it comes from the U.S. government's information net called TELNET. It was used during the Vietnam war for army generals to share intelligence.

Toromos is correct.

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