Worlds most fastest two wheeler?

An American-made Indian (highly modified) - 950 cc bike ridden by Burt Munro of New Zealand at Bonneville in 1967. Over 190 mph.
Still holds Land Speed Record for motorcycles.
a bike ridden by lance armstrong
It is Hyabusa bike that is considered as the fastest two-wheeler in the world today. When you talk to an aficionado of bikes, you will know that how greatly they admire this bike. The admiration is not only for its speed but there are some other factors also.

Other than speed, the first factor that can be said to be the reason behind people going crazy for the bike is its look. It looks so good and compact that when you ride it, you will feel that nothing less than this can satisfy you and you can not resist driving a kilometre more.

But there are some other factors also that need to be kept into mind if you want to buy this bike. The first among them is that you can’t enjoy riding this kind of bike in city traffic. So before going for this kind of bike, take everything into consideration

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