How many days per year do full time workers work?

Question:I am wondering what is average.

Two weeks vacation per year = 10 days. Two days off per week (weekends) is 52 x 2 = 104 days. Therefore, they get a total of 114 days off, and work the remaing 251 days in the year.
Well -- I work 5 days a week, only get SIX national holidays off every year (New Years, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas) + 10 vacation days. I don't get any "sick days". Do that math.
five days a week, 52 weeks 260days at 6+ hours a day
There are a few holidays too, that one may get off, depending on the employer.

Major holidays - New Year's Day, President's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Day After Thanksgiving, and Christmas (8).

Assuming one gets 2 weeks of vacation per year (although it can increase), which is 10 days [not including the weekends here because it is included in the weekend calculation] and 52 weekends (104 days), plus 8 holidays, that is 122 days off. 365 days per year minus 122 days equals 243 days.

However, this calculation doesn't take into account sick days. One may also get the same amount of sick days as one gets for vacation (10 days), so that would then be 365 days minus 132 days equals 233 days.
According to the SWA, the average full-time worker in the US works 47.1 weeks per year, 39.6 hours per week. That's 1864 hours per year.

If you figure 8 hours per day, it'd be 233 days per year. If you figure 47.1 weeks at 5 days a week, it'd be 235-236 days a year.
I work six days a week. So, I'm off 52 Sundays plus four 'holiday' days a year.

365 - 56 = 309 work days a year for me.
It depends on where you live in the world.

I live in the UK and get 7 weeks annual leave plus 10 public holidays. I do 37.5 hours per week (which is full time) and work it into 4 days per week. I also receive 6months full and 6 months part pay for sick leave.

However I also worked in Australia where i revcieved 4 weeks annual leave and 10 days public holiday. I also get 10 days personnal leave per year.

I think in America you get screwed over on the amount of leave entitlement per year.

As a New Zealander once said to me

Work to LIVE


Live to WORK
It depends what country you're talking about.
For starters, here in Australia we get 4 weeks annual leave, on full pay, per year.
Then, you have to add on public holidays, week ends, paid sick leave, paid carers leave, paid bereavement leave, paid personal days etc.
Plus most full time jobs are between 35 and 40 hours per week.
Almost forgot, many full time workers get RDOs (Rostered Day Off) 1 day per fortnight. Meaning they work a 9 day fortnight.
Others also get 2 "doona days" a year on full pay.
(Doona = duvet or eiderdown.)
That's when you wake up in the morning and don't want to go to work, just want to pull the blankets up over your head. You phone in and say you're having a "doona day" no questions asked.

I agree with jan b's comment:
"I think in America you get screwed over on the amount of leave entitlement per year. "

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