How did Texas get it's nickname the lone star state?

Look at the state flag
"The Lone Star State" comes from the symbolism of the star on the 1836 flag of the republic, the "National Standard of Texas." The single golden star on a blue background signified Texas as an independent republic and was a reminder of the state's struggle for independence from Mexico
One Lone White star on our Flag
Lone-Star State.
Texas; -- a nickname alluding to the single star on its coat of arms, being the device used on its flag and seal when it was a republic.
Texas is also known as the Lone Star State, in reference to the state flag.
The flag displays a single, five-point white star on a field of blue with an upper white horizontal stripe and a lower red horizontal stripe
The Falg of Texas has one star onit, thus the lone star state
Texas got it's nickname the Lone Star State from when it was pulled from Mexico it was a indvidual country, not a member of the US or a Member of Mexico, so it was called the Lone Star Republic so when it merged with the United States it became the Lone Star State. Hope that helps
SadSnyder has given the only correct answer. We are called the Lone Star State for two reasons. First, the flag used by the Republic of Texas has only one WHITE (not gold) star on a blue field. Secondly, Texas is the only state in the Union EVER to be an independent nation.

Many people also confuse our flag with that of the nation of Liberia by the way. Which is not too surprising, considering that our flag represents LIBERTY.
our first flag had only one star
texas was once an independent nation formed by american colonists who brough thier slaves to the mexican territory. the americans wanted to keep thier slaves but slavery was outlawed in mexico so santa anna and his army went and lost a little war over it. remember the alamo? well they were independent for a while until santa anna returned with a MASSIVE army and the scared little texans turned to the US for help and became a state. thier national flag is the state flag you see today, a lone star with one red stripe and one white stripe just like the original flag with a star and a stripe for each colony. hence the name the lone star state.

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