effects of have a boyfriend/gf while studying..?

Question:is it healthy to hold a relationship while studying?

if your in big school, afterwards no. ive wasted greatly of my time on dumb guys when i should have be worried about my adjectives. once you get out on your own and into college, afterwards its okay.
Sometimes. only if you are not studing respectively other

If he doesn't interfere beside the time you need to study, probably not. If you can't study because of a boyfriend, it would probably be contained by your best interest to forgo the boyfriend until you are finished with institution.

It can be, outstandingly if you have a bf/gf who is equally committed to getting honourable grades. Sometimes it's kind of fun to enjoy someone to study with. Sometimes a bf/gf can be distracting. You hold to balance out the work and the fun, but greatly of people find it doable and nice.

Not really! You capture too distracted, I think. I did own one boyfriend that would go to the computer lab or library next to me and lay by my side as I studied. That was sweet. But another one I be in love next to so I was extraordinarily very distracted from my conservatory work.

depending, if u're totally season u would have no problem,'cause u will know how to separate things, if u're not don't even try.

It's healthy, but trademark sure spend time paying attention to paperwork and not your mate.

yes it is. if you're really care about your order your boyfriend wouldn't be on your mind

Let's put it this approach,

If you are in HS probability of you being friends or mortal in contact next to any of your current friends in 5 years after graduation are second to none.

If you are surrounded by college, a BF/GF isn't too awful bad a moment ago make sure it's surrounded by the later quantity of your studies. It's costing you a fortune to get these studies and BF/GF come and dance. College changes EVERYTHING!

Good luck! Depends on whether or not you can focus your attention on the actual stydying. If you know you won't know how to concentrate on the actual work, don't do it. But if you both can do the work and then do the play, you should be fine.

depends on what your studying? are you referring to college studies or elementary studies? i would never deny myself a relationship simply because im in the midst of scholarly progression. in reality, having a gf or bf can be a meet diversion when youve been studying for so long. its moral to have somewhere within to movitate you and support you along the way. when i used to study near my gf, id lay next to my back on the ground and she would straddle me on top. everytime shed ask me a examine, if i answered it correctly id find a kiss. the harder the question, the better the reward if i get it right. you should see what i got for recite the first amendment to the bill of rights >)

It can be a flawless and not so good item. If the two of you are in equal program and classes it can be a definite plus. Two points of scenery, back up respectively others notes, and discuss complicated class topics.

The not so honest side has more to do next to studying styles. Personally, I prefered to be alone and listen to classical music, have my books and transcription laid out, and begin my review work. Only after I have a majority of the work down pat did I even entertain the thought of studying beside another/others. For me, it would have be distracting. But hey, each of his own different study methods. Good luck to you... Surely Yes!

It'll give a foreign meaning to go & a fresh sense of direction. I'm for it.


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no... you can suck his ballz and read at like time... i know i tryed...

depends if he's insensitive about your time or give you space to study (ie makes you study). probably discouraging but you can't help yourself. try setting aside specified times to study

if he is any good as a bf, you receive back rubs and sexual release from the stress of studying.

I believe it depends on the relationship. If both the bf and gf have something contained by common contained by thier studies. I would say yes. I believe that it would be in shape. Of course the two would be flirting while learning something but that's a relationship.

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