what is the tecnical heading for a hole in the ground researcher?




a caver is called a spelunker



Depends on what they are researching in the cavern. Probably a geologist would be the best guess.



hole in the ground excavator?


not a cave researcher....=)


Spelunkologist. (A spelunker is a creature who investigates caves, but is not necessarily a course of study)

speleologists-- A speleologist is one who studies caves for medical purposes. Most cavers regard themselves as speleologists to one extent or another.

SPELEOLOGY is 'Cave Resaerch' It is found this word is not very much within use. Almost all the Organizations are better certain as Cave Research Foundations etc etc .

Anyhow, this special word, SPELEOLOGY' is the technical residence for it. It is often associated beside another term, Paleontology description study of FOSSILS

A SPELEOLOGIST is a Scientist who studies CAVES

a person who go into caves as a sport or hobby (they are also certain as Caver, Potholer, spellunker) .

So, the Technical term for one unavailable in Cave Reasearch / a pothole researcher is SPELEOLOGIST. But he is commonly known as Cave Researcher. or CAVE ARCHEOLOGIST.


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definately a speleologist

A cavern researcher is called a 'spelaeologist'. It comes from a greek word, spelaion, which mechanism cave. Looks similar to a good word for a spelling bee, doesn't it?

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