Is Chamberlain, SD on an Indian reservations?

What type of town is it? Is it on the Missouri River? What is the ratio of Native American to Anglo. How large is the population? What is the weather ratio (high- low temps -- rain) per month? Who runs St. Joseph School (state or Catholic priests)?

Answers: this will impart you the right stuff. i have be there. they hold a wonderful museum of native culture. they enjoy reservations out of the town their own private land. it is connected to the missouri river. runs by it. it is divine. temperate weather. more anglo than indian. st. joe's is run by tons people but the catholics do give a hand.
I don't know the town, sorry to say... I solitary have a couple of suggestions of how you might otherwise find out what you want to know. Most state map have the reservations on the map, too...commonly even a different color, but at least next to the lines or dotted lines, so you can see from a map whether Chamberlain is on a rez. Or on the Missouri River.
You can probably pull up a map online.
I also regard you can get seriously of information regarding ratio of races, population, and weather from an almanac. You may know how to pull up a tourist's guide to Chamberlain from online, too, which could notify you a little something.
About the arts school... it certainly sounds Catholic to me, and I go to those schools for 12 years. But I guess you could find out from the city guides that may also be online.

STILL, I'd commander for the library if I were you, to find out from a suggestion librarian exactly what you need to look at and basically where it is surrounded by moments... librarians are magicians when it comes to this sort of thing, and the information is free.\
It is a smaller town, unbelievably nice. yes it is on the river, i have be through there oodles many times. I would voice there are more white family there. The popiulation i would guess is around 10 to 12k. Now as far as the weather...its South Dakota so it might be snowing in the future and 100 degrees the subsequent...but for the most part cold surrounded by the winter and hot in the summer as for spring and crash down...they dont last long. I believe St. Josephs is a State run school, but im not sure on that one.

oh yeah, and its not on a reservation.
i in recent times looked online and St josephs is an indian school for home-grown american kids adn appears to be run by catholics
there is the city's website

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