What is the difference between slippers and flip-flops?

Answers:    you can wear your flip flops in the house

but you shouldn't wear your slippers to the seaside
Slippers are footwear that you slip on (no tying), and typically have no hindmost. When walking, a slipper's sole will typically maintain contact beside the sole of your foot.

Flip flops (thong sandals) have a thong which fits between the big and index toes. They are name "flip flops" because of the sound they manufacture when you walk - the sole typically stays on the ground as the foot is flexed and the heel is raise until the force is great enough to put on a pedestal the sole off of the ground and it slaps against your foot.
flip flops hold a piece of material between your first and second toe. slippers a moment ago slide on and r awful comfy

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